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In light of recent events, United Media Services announces its full support for the Egyptian journalist Qaswaa Al-Khalali, the host of the program “In the Evening with Qaswaa” on CBC channel. She has been the target of a systematic campaign by American media and research centers due to her courageous stance in supporting Palestinian rights.

Qaswaa and her team have faced a series of repressive measures, including the blocking of the program’s broadcast, the shutdown of her social media pages, and coordinated defamation campaigns. These attacks have involved distorting clips from her program and using them to incite against her, resulting in threats of violence and personal assaults.

We at United Media Services strongly condemn these practices and affirm our full support for all Egyptian journalists. We will take all necessary legal and professional measures to protect her and defend the right of all journalists and media professionals within our company to freedom of expression.

We call on all journalists and media professionals around the world to show solidarity with Qaswaa and confront any attempts to silence free voices. Freedom of the press is a cornerstone in defending the truth and achieving justice.