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DMC Network

A television network that was launched on 2017 with two channels, DMC and DMC Drama, that have completely raised broadcasting standards. DMC Network caters to all members of the family of all ages, as it includes a diverse range of programs and dramatic shows with various content.

  • DMC Network aims to provide diverse programming and exceptional content. It has built a broad audience base in a short period and is committed to advanced broadcast standards and high-quality image and sound technology, making it one of the best channels in the Egyptian and Arab media landscape.
  • The network is constantly committed to identifying the audience’s requirements and interests and presenting the media message in various forms with accuracy, positivity, and credibility. It also keeps up with modern technological developments and is clearly present on various social media platforms
  • The network seeks to play a constructive role in Egyptian society, including all minorities and people with disabilities, by providing an opportunity for everyone to express their opinions. It also seeks to present complete and documented facts from all sources, so that viewers can form a clear vision and understand the full picture.
  • DMC Network uses the most prominent global technologies, the best equipment, and diverse broadcasting systems, ranging from high-quality HD systems to SD systems, to provide viewers with a clearer and more vivid vision

Masaa dmc

Osama Kamal and Eman El Hosary

Sahebat Al Saada

Esaad Younis



Mama Dot Om

Fatma Moustafa

Egypt Can

Ahmed Fayea

Bab Rizk

Yousry El Fakharany

8 ElSobh

Dalia Ashraf, Aya Gamal ElDin, Heba Maher, and Rahma Khaled

AlHaq AlMobeen

Ahmed El Dreiny

La3alahom Yafqahon

Khaled El Gendy and Sheikh Ramadan Abdel Moaez

Al Safira Aziza

Sanaa Mansour, Jasmine Taha Zaki, Sherine Effat, Noha Abdel Aziz, Radwa Hassan, and Sally Shahin


Seham Saleh

El Youm

Dina Esmat

Autobis El Saada

Ahmed Younis


Ahmed Fayek

On Network

ON content includes a variety of programs beyond entertainment. However, the channel, in general, tends to focus on entertainment content, excluding anything related to sports.

  • The network has a team of professionals in various fields, analysts, sports commentators, and experienced administrators in the field of media management, who work together to provide outstanding content and form that aligns with the media group’s mission.
  • The network is committed to professionalism and international media standards while considering Arab principles, and uses the latest global technologies, the best equipment, and diverse quality broadcast systems, including HD and SD systems, to provide clearer and purer vision.


Mona El Shazly

Kelma Akhera

Lamis El Hadidi


Kol Youm

Ahla Akla

Kolob Amera

Style Talk


Kol El Zawaia

CBC Network

A social and news television network in Egypt that has succeeded in creating an innovative media entity. It has broken the traditional TV format by giving the entertainment scene a new look, and created coverage that has broken records. The CBC television center is one of the most important and largest satellite networks in Egypt and the Arab world, with a distinguished group of public and specialized satellite broadcast channels, including CBC, CBC Drama, and CBC Sofra.

  • The network offers a diverse content that suits the tastes of all Egyptian families while maintaining the authentic Egyptian identity.
  • The network carefully selects the series and programs presented to provide content that contributes to building society and individuals.
  • The network insists on having a distinguished group of media and journalists, in addition to possessing a very large number of series and movies.

Sold Out

Mahmoud Saad

Shark Tank

El Settat Ma Bey3rafoush Yekdebo

Mona Abdel Ghany, Heba El Abasiry, and Eman Ezz Eldin

Eftah Bab Albak

Amira Bahy El Din


Gaber El Qarmouty

Zoom Africa

Sally Atef

At Night with Qaswaa

Qaswaa El Khelaly

Gawhara Masreya

Heba Abdelfattah

Al Hayah TV Network

Al Hayah TV Network is an entertainment network that shows many TV series, entertainment programs and talk shows. The network has been catering to the diverse tastes of the Egyptian audience for more than a decade, providing an impressive range of content that makes it a staple in the Egyptian family.

  • Al Hayah TV Network has a huge professional team quipped with the best devices, with the ability to cover all events.
  • Al Hayah Drama channel is a huge hub for all Arabic movies, as it broadcast a list of movies around the clock all week long.

Wahed Men El Nas

Amr El Leithy

Belkhat El Areed

Eman Abo Taleb

4 Sherif Street

Sherif Madkour

Matbakh El Hayah

Chef Aya Hosny

El Donya Bekheir

Lamiaa Fahmy

Al Hayah Al Youm

Lobna Asal and Mohamed Mostafa Sherdy

Kora Kol Youm

Karim Hassan Shehata

Hawadeet Lamis

Dr. Lamis Gabr


Rania Hashim

El Tab3a El 2oula

Ahmed El Meslemany

Aftal Al Hayah

Salma Sabahy


Abdelfattah Mostafa

Qesset Naga7

Mona El Maraghy


Hend Gad

Ahl Baladna

Maha Moussa

Al Hayah Enty W Heya

Randa Fekry


Safaa El Naggar


Masr Toghanny

Lite show

Amira El Adly

El 3eyada

Laila Ezz El Arab

Specialized TV Channels

Al Qahera News Channel

“Al Qahera” News Channel is an Egyptian satellite news channel and one of the channels of the United Media Services Company. It broadcasts on the Egyptian satellite Nilesat and specializes in providing news coverage for political, economic, sports, cultural, and other events. Its main headquarters are located in the Media Production City in Sixth of October City, Giza Governorate, Egypt, and it officially started broadcasting 24 hours a day on October 31,2022.

“Al Qahera” News Channel is the first regional Egyptian news channel with a clear political stance that aims to protect Egyptian and Arab interests and seeks to promote Arab unity. The channel has many offices in various countries around the world and has a network of correspondents from different Arab, European, and American capitals.

“Al Qahera” News Channel has established a special unit for studies to prepare reports on global developments, and has also established many digital platforms aimed at addressing youth.

“Al Qahera” News Channel’s website team includes a group of young Egyptian journalists who speak eight different languages: English, French, German, Hebrew, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish, to provide comprehensive news services and monitor events in various countries around the world.

Extra News Channel

Extra News is an Egyptian news channel that presents diverse and powerful news content from Egypt, the Arab region, and the world, presented by young faces, through five major news bulletins, hourly news briefs, and 24-hour coverage. One of the latest studios equipped with international technical specifications to provide high-quality images and elegant decorations.

The channel is distinguished by its open coverage periods throughout the day, which broadcast political, social, cultural, artistic, sports and economic events from Egypt, Arab capitals and international cities. The channel includes a strong network of correspondents from Egypt and important world capitals, and has established many offices in several governorates in Egypt, including Alexandria, Gharbia, Sohag and Aswan.

On Time Sport Channel

A network of sports channels that competes in quality with international sports networks, in terms of broadcast quality and content, and always seeks to be a partner in all important sporting events at the local, regional and international levels, as it was able in a short time to position itself in the Egyptian market as the number one sports network with its unique programs and a group of distinguished broadcasters and sports analysts who are present on its screens around the clock.

  • It seeks to inculcate national values and principles that are in line with the behavior and ethics of our society through sports (exemplary – honest competition – rejecting intolerance).
  • Provide support for the distinguished in all kinds of different sports and highlight them
  • Paying attention to the youth sector, highlighting the importance of sport in building elements that benefit society, expanding the base of practitioners and increasing the number of champions.
  • Providing high quality content to achieve entertainment, education and sports from all angles (laws – rules – principles – history of sports).
  • Expansion of transmission and coverage of most sports, either through purchase or special production from the channel.
  • Always working to form a group of the best sports cadres in all fields (in front of and behind the camera).

Mal3ab ON

Sabah On Time

Super League

CBC Sofra Channel

“Sofra” is the favorite cooking channel in the Arab region, as it was able to achieve overwhelming success in the Egyptian media market in a short time.

The stars of “Sofra” provide a range of delicious recipes as well as a number of tips on healthy lifestyles to their huge audience across the Arab world.

Drama Channels

Drama channels offer an integrated drama experience, as they offer all kinds of drama, ranging from exclusive series and the latest drama productions to classic series, in addition to many popular dramas.

Religion Channels

Al Nas Channel:

A religious satellite channel that aims to present issues of the Islamic religion, spread moderate thought and confront extremist ideas.

Misr Qur’an Kareem Channel:

The first specialized TV channel to broadcast the Noble Qur’an with the voice of the golden throats of Egyptian reciters, whom we grew up listening to and learning the Qur’an from their voices.

Channel One

A significant step and a new phase witnessed by Misr Al-Oula since the launch of its development project through an agreement signed by Al-Mutahidah with the National Media Authority.

The development took place at the level of the image, decorations and broadcasting technology, as well as at the level of content, where a wide range of powerful new programs were presented by a group of influential and beloved names in the world of media, which restored Channel One to its advanced and pioneering position in the world of competition with both local and Arab satellite channels.

Arab News Agency

The Arab News Agency is a leading and prestigious institution in the field of media production and the provision of media services and all international and local news. It contributes significantly to providing video content in the Arab region.

Al Wathaeqia

“Al Wathaeqia” is the first Egyptian channel specialized in producing and broadcasting documentaries, and one of the channels of the United Media Services Company.

It started broadcasting on February 19, 2023, to offer the viewer a distinguished package of documentaries in various fields, such as history, politics, culture, environment, art, science, and sports.