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Radio Stations

On Sport FM

On Sport FM is a specialized sports radio station that includes a group of top program presenters and analysts. It offers a variety of sports programs and seeks to provide reliable information in a professional manner that contributes to shaping sports awareness in Egypt.

Top Presenters

The radio presents a group of distinguished programs in which the stars of media and sports analysis in Egypt participate, such as Seif Zahir, Ahmed Shoubeir, Khaled Al-Ghandour, Captain Hazem Emam, Farah Ali, and Shaimaa Saber.

Radio Hits

A youth-oriented radio station that plays a mix of Arabic and English songs and entertainment programs throughout the day on 88.2 FM frequency. It is one of Radio Nile’s stations.

Top Presenters

Tamer Adel and Mirehan Amr (Gomhureyet Masr Fi Elarabia) – Yasmin Abu Elfetouh (Hits by Hits) – Dina Nawar and Maya (Kalam Kabir) – Hend Hazem and Aya Hussein (Morning Hits).

Shaabi FM

A radio station that offers a mix of popular songs and broadcasts programs that serve the genre of Shaabi singing, and seeks to revive the heritage of popular songs in Egypt, by carefully selecting a group of songs to achieve a balance between providing popular songs and not offending public taste.

Since its launch, Shaabi FM has been keen to present popular songs that combine heritage and modernity in a format that distinguishes it from other radio stations. Due to its content that is suitable for large segments of listeners, it has been able to achieve very high listening rates in a short period of time.

Top Presenters

Layla Badran (Fan Meshakel) – Amr Abo Hamda (Kan We Kan) – El Sheikh Ahmed Tork (En Allah Maana) – Eman Helmy (Eidak Maana) – Tamer Gaber (Molouk El Zahma) – Roshdi Sayed and Alaa Gaweesh (Naharna Abyad) – Ahmed El Shenawy (Kalam Ya Sahby).

Mega FM

Mega FM is a radio station belonging to the Nile Radio Network, broadcasting entertainment, social and women’s issues, and has focused on enlisting a distinguished group of presenters, making it the favorite radio station for many.

Since its inception, Mega FM has maintained a special place among radio listeners, catering to different age groups and interests through its carefully selected programs and music, making it one of the most important radio stations currently on the scene.

Top Presenters

Hossam Reda (Malek Wektaba) – Nevine Mahmoud (Makbernash) – Donia Salah Abdallah (Fe Heta Tanya) – Khaled Eleish (El Seka Ahla) – Mohamed Fahmy (ElHayah Tagareb) – Sally Abdel Salam (El BErnameg Elly Bey2olo 3aleh) – Amgad El Sharqawy (Ana Olt Aolak) – Sherif Madkour (Beit Sherif) – Sherif Nour El Din (Baheb El Sima).

Nagham FM

Nagham FM is a radio station among the Nile Radio Network, providing distinctive entertainment and social content, and broadcasting classic musical releases from the 90s.

The station broadcasts the latest musical releases, as well as its classic and 90s songs, aiming to spread positive vibes in the community and promote values through distinctive entertainment content.

Top Presenters

Weaam Wagdy (Teb We Bas) – Enas Tharwat (Sahy Elnoam) – Emad Esmaeil (Sohba Leil) – Shafky El Monaeiry (Baheb El Eza3a) – Kamal Madi (El Youmein Dol) – Mai Anwar (El Eila) – Mohamed Bakr (Eid Fe Eid).

Radio 9090

A diverse radio station, seeking effective communication with listeners across Egypt, addressing all social and age groups through daily entertainment, political, religious, and social programs, with fast and accurate news coverage broadcast 24/7, in addition to the latest Arabic songs. It is the radio station that has won the largest number of awards in the history of Egyptian radio since its establishment.

Top Presenters

Fatma Mostafa – Mohamed Nashaat – Shaimaa Hafez – Ahmed Younes – Fady Ibrahim – Eman Mokhtar – Abdel Rahman El Sawy – Hossam Essam – Lamis Gaber – Osama El Azhary – Mohamed Refaat – Rami Radwan – Ahmed El Tahry – Ibrahim Abdel Gawad – Mohaled Ali Kheir – Ahmed Khairy.

Nile Radio Network

Radio Nile is a public company that was established in 2015. The company owns Mega FM, Nogoum FM, Shaabi FM, and Hits Radio stations.