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POD is a leading agency in the Middle East, that specializes in public relations, advertising, marketing, and crisis management. It is experienced by working with more than 20 market industries.

POD stands for “Point of Differentiation”. The company organizes major conferences and serves as an advertising agent for television, radio, digital, and print media.

The company operates with a modern and clear scientific vision according to the latest concepts of public relations companies worldwide. It is one of the most promising companies that had been able to establish itself in the public relations market in Egypt in a short period of time.

  • Enables the client to connect projects with the appropriate decision makers, and also manages the media representation of the largest and most influential print, electronic and audio media outlets in Egypt, including 4 NRC radio stations (Shaabi FM, Nagham FM, Mega FM and Radio Hits), Time Sports TV, Youm7, Dot Misr, Soat El Omma, Al Ain, Business Today and Egypt Today.
  • The company is able to deal with the largest local and international exhibitions in more than 10 different industries and provide them with production and operational services that would help to provide the related event.
  • The company’s team brings together more than 60 specialists in 3 departments (customer service, media relations and media control), and it also works to develop promotional offers in a unique way to evoke important visual messages that make customers want to deliver them to the masses, and it also provides a 360 service with development Implementing high-end specialized events that comply with industry quality standards and using cutting-edge unique designs.

Company's Services

The company’s services revolves around managing public relations for a number of well-known Egyptian and international institutions operating in the Egyptian market, organizing conferences, crisis management, and managing social media pages for its clients.

The company is an advertising agent for TV channels such as “ON, Al Hayah, DMC, CBC, its drama channels, CBC Sofra, Al Naseem, and Egypt Quran Kareem”, in addition to being the advertising agent for several newspapers and news websites.