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Within one year, Kora Plus website and TV won the confidence of followers of sports affairs and football in particular, after a series of programs, news, distinguished videos, interactive stories and exclusive products, as the official pages of Kora Plus website and TV on social media platforms exceeded more than 10 million followers, as well the number of video views of the site has exceeded more than one and a half billion views.

Kora Plus also achieved a series of sports press releases and interactive stories and conducted many dialogues with a number of senior coaches in the Arab world, in Egypt, as well as global icons among which was the great unilateralness of the video of the assault on the Egyptian and Liverpool star Mohamed Salah in Senegal, during the return match. In the World Cup qualifiers, a video that was reported by major international news agencies and British newspapers from Kora Plus.

The great progress achieved by the Kora Plus website and TV through videos, programs, exclusive products, and press releases would not have been possible without the great confidence of our dear readers who gather around the site and its various platforms on social networking sites, and consider it their exclusive window on sports affairs in general and on everything related to football, foot especially.

And based on this trust that the readers gave to Kora Plus, the number of followers of the site’s pages on social media platforms reached more than 10 million followers, as the number of followers on the “Kora Plus” page on Facebook exceeded more than 6 million followers, while on the “Kora Plus” channel On YouTube,  it reached more than 1.7M followers, while the number of followers of the “Kora Plus” page on the Twitter site reached more than 1.5M followers, while on the Instagram, the number of followers of the Kora Plus page reached more than 600K followers. And on TikTok, the number of followers of “Kora Plus” exceeded about 700Kfollowers, and the number of views of Kora Plus videos reached more than 1.5B views on all the various pages of the site on all social media platforms.

And all of us – the editor-in-chief and the editorial and production management of the Kora Plus website and TV – thank the readers for their precious trust, we promise them to make more efforts, achieve one after the other, and present new and exclusive videos, programs, products, pictures and news related to sports and football online. around the clock.