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The “kora plus” website and TV is preparing to launch the most powerful sports application in Egypt, which includes many services provided to the user, which makes him aware of all sporting events, whether local, as well as Arab and international, by reviewing all events 24 hours a day, in the easiest ways and technologies.

It is expected that the application for the “kora plus” website will include Premier League matches, and live coverage of them, which includes broadcasting goals, a summary of each match, as well as replays of the meetings, and the application also includes exclusive news about Egyptian, Arab, and international sports.

The application also includes a special section for other sports, which includes the most important news about various other games, as well as the dates of their matches, and comprehensive coverage of those matches, in light of the strong competition witnessed by all other games in Egypt in recent years.

It is possible for the user to watch a group of programs presented by the “Kora Plus” website and TV, which includes many special programs, including but not limited to:

First: morning plus
A morning sports bulletin broadcast daily, at twelve o’clock, and includes the most prominent events of the day, as well as the most important television statements, in addition to a number of special and exclusive news locally, in the Arab world, and internationally.

Second: Kora Comics
A special program for the Egyptian League matches, which includes a summary of each round of the league, after its end, in a special comedic way, by reviewing some of the footage of the local competition matches.

Third: Saudi football
A special program for the Saudi Roshan League matches, which includes a summary of each round of the Saudi League, and includes important dialogues with Saudi sports critics and prominent stars, as well as the most important news of our Egyptian professionals in Saudi Arabia, led by Tariq Hamed and Ahmed Hegazy, the professional duo in the ranks of the Jeddah Federation.

Fourth: Al Darga Al Tanya
A special program broadcast weekly that includes a comprehensive summary of everything related to the second division league, and the teams seeking to rise to the league of lights and fame.

Fifth: Al-Harifa
It is the first digital program dedicated to women’s football in Egypt and the world. It includes the most important news and snapshots of women’s football, the national team, club participation in the continental and local championships, in addition to the latest news regarding the development of the game in the world.

Sixth: Heroes Plus
The first digital program that highlights the achievements of People of Determination in various sports, as presented by the world-class swimmer, Mohamed Al-Husseini, passing through the Manche.

Seventh: Mercato Plus
The Mercato program, which is broadcast during the summer and winter transfer periods, is concerned with monitoring the strengths and weaknesses of the players who are candidates for the transfer to the Egyptian League teams, by presenting a comprehensive analysis of their performance, as well as displaying the numbers for each player.

Eighth: Dialogue Plus
The program includes a series of dialogues on a daily basis or in following up on sporting events on everything related to Egyptian football as well as Arab, African and international football, by analyzing sporting events and presenting the views of sports critics.