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United Media Services

United Media Services was established in May 2016, it is one of the largest media entities in the entire Arab region. By owning more than 40 leading companies in various media fields such as visual, audio, print, electronic media, dramatic production, advertising, direct and indirect advertising services, it established itself as a prominent player.

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Exclusively on Kora Plus.. “Al Harifa” is the first digital program on an Arab platform for women’s football

The Kora Plus website and TV presents an exclusive set of various programs that cover…

“Abtal Plus”… the first digital program presented by a special needs broadcaster on the Kora Plus website

The “Kora Plus” website and TV presents the “Abtal Plus” program, which is the first…

More than 1.5 billion views and 10 million followers on “Kora Plus” pages on social media platforms

Within one year, Kora Plus website and TV won the confidence of followers of sports…