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Hashtag Group

Hashtag is a company specialized in digital marketing and social media services.

“Hashtag” has a direct collaboration and strategic partnership with all social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. They are experts in managing pages, advertising, content creation, innovative design, as well as production.

  • Social Media accounts management: Specialists in managing social media accounts for artists, businessmen, public figures, media and corporate institutions, supporting clients’ efforts to communicate with the public and target specific segments.
  • Design services: Hashtag offers creative design services for all social media platforms to add an elegant touch to clients’ visual content while focusing on effectively conveying the message to followers.
  • Marketing campaigns: Hashtag provides a service for creating sponsored ads on all social media platforms for all clients, through a solid marketing plan and targeting the appropriate audience to achieve the best results.
  • Production: Due to continuous development and progress, “Hashtag” has added a department for artistic production, which includes services such as producing animated films and series (“animation”), promotional trailers, motion graphics videos, advertising campaigns, and corporate introduction videos. Some of the animation works produced include “Yehya and Konooz”, “Yehya and Konooz 2”, and “Al Mahmeya”.
  • Content creation: This service includes developing strategies, monthly plans, creative ideas, copy writing, editing it, and publishing it in a professional manner that suits the target audience.
  • Videos and editing: This service includes creating advertising videos, professional introductions for videos, video editing, adding visual and audio effects with engaging content that attracts viewers.
  • Anti-piracy services: Hashtag has been providing digital content protection services since 2017. They specialize in protecting digital content for various TV series, movies, as well as the Egyptian League.