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The Kora Plus website and TV presents an exclusive set of various programs that cover sports affairs around the clock in a distinct meal for the viewer and the consumer of news and sports materials in Egypt and the Arab countries, and at the forefront of these programs comes “Al Harifa” program, which is the first digital program of its kind specialized in Women’s football affairs in Egypt and the world on an Arab platform.

In each of its episodes, the program sheds light on the latest news of Egyptian, Arab and international women’s football, and provides accurate follow-up to the most important tournaments related to it locally, regionally and internationally.

“Al Harifa” program is always keen to host women’s football stars and shed light on their professional career in the Egyptian and Arab stadiums.

During the past period, “Al Harifa” program played a major role in encouraging women’s football and introducing it to Egypt and the Arab world by following its news first-hand. In addition to extensive coverage of women’s football locally, the program constantly sheds light on the professionalism of Egyptian players in the Arab and international stadiums.

During the last period, the program hosted a large group of women’s football stars, including Mohamed Kamal, coach of the Egyptian women’s national team, Eman Hassan, the Saudi Al-Hilal player, Menna Tariq, the Saudi youth player, Yara Sabry, captain of the Egyptian national team, Ezza Foley, the Brantford player.

The “Kora Plus” editorial department attaches great importance to the “Al Harifa” program, in light of its keenness to encourage women’s football in Egypt and the Arab world.

The “Al Harifa” program is presented by colleague Esraa Shaker. The Al Harifa program is broadcasted weekly on the “Kora Plus” website and TV. It has increasing viewership, revealing the gradually increasing interest in women’s football in Egypt and the Arab world.