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Estadat National Sports Consultancy and Project Management Company in Egypt is a significant entity in the development and sports investment business.

Estadat’s programs and services include advanced management systems and talented team members who work on the latest models in management, efficient and professional design and operation of stadiums.

The company owns assets of City Club in 15 governorates, with plans to expand to all the governorates. It is also the largest company in Egypt and the Middle East that owns the rights to manage the largest number of stadiums and sports bodies.

  • “Estadat” aims to be the largest sports investment entity in the Middle East and North Africa, raising the level of the sports market and professionalism to become strong and influential.
  • “Estadat” provides a full range of services for planning, enhancing, developing, and renovating sports fields and facilities and football academies in terms of operation and management.
– The opening ceremony of the final stage of the Border Olympics

Aswan 2021

– Partnership between the largest hubs and entities in Egypt, “Estadat” national company and the Egyptian Post Office Authority