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Hisham Seliman, Assistant Chairman of the United Board of Directors for the artistic production sector, stated; After the first season of its documentaries, CMC has become a partner that Al-Mutahidah trusts, because their films are important and have a great impact on the audience as a result of their ideas, presentation and messages, which is what Al-Mutahidah expects in the second season of CMC films that they contracted for the news sector.

It is noteworthy that the news sector is led by the journalist Ahmed Al-Tahri, while the management of CMC is handled by the journalist Rasha Al-Shami and the novelist Osama Al-Shazly.

The most prominent films during the second season were Jab El-Deeb’s film from Dallah, about the theatrical producer Samir Khafagy, the founder of the United Artists Troupe, and the film “A City That Never Sleeps” about Cairo Governorate, about that living city 24 hours every day, directed by Ahmed Abdel-Gawad, and a film about Ahmed Salem, the radio presenter, actor and pilot who writes. His story is Muhammad Harbi, and a movie about the life of the reciter Sheikh Muhammad Rifaat; As well as films about the musician Nabil El-Dabaa, author of the music of sound and light, directed by Muhammad Al-Waziri, and a film about the popular singer Ramadan Al-Prince, directed by Ali Satohi, and another about the secret of the planet Umm Kulthum in music, directed by Walid Al-Rifai and written by Amr Shaheen, and other documentaries dubbed “Documentaries Wearing” draping abaya.

It is worth noting that the CMC company, headed by the media Rasha Al-Shami and the novelist Osama Al-Shazly, signed partnership contracts with the United Media Services Company, during the last quarter of the past year 2022 AD; The cooperation between the United Company and CMC came after the latter company was accredited as an executive producer within the United Companies for Dramatic and Documentary Production. Documentary films deal with various social, artistic, political and historical issues. And the films that were shown from the first season included 10 films that varied between biographies, social documentaries, and historical works, such as Sayed Al-Naqshbandi, “Unity of Death in the Egyptian”, Acapella, Your Head is Raised, A Miracle in Nagaa, Baramkeh Misr, Sohba, Rakia, The Years of Tightening the Belt, Nasr Hamid Abu Zaid.