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“Kora Plus” website and TV launched “Al-Alamy” program, within its series of various sports programs, in order to highlight the successes of Egyptian professional players abroad who are always working to raise the name of Egypt in international forums, especially the group of young professional players who are not famous in Egypt, or that are children of Egyptian immigrants who grew up abroad.

“Al-Alamy” program, presented by Ahmed Kanoo, aims to shed light on all Egyptian professional players of all stages and ages, in all individual and team games, with special attention to football players spread across the world’s continents in various leagues without having sufficient fame or support and encouragement from Egyptian audience, along with the professional stars who have achieved fame and success in world leagues.

“Al-Alamy” program includes many distinguished segments, which include highlighting the most prominent and important achievements of all Egyptian professionals abroad, by presenting their digital and statistical successes, or their championships in general, as well as presenting their recent news and developments, and the possibility of benefiting them from Egyptian football. Their joining the national teams within the framework of contributing to the development of national teams at different stages and ages.

It is scheduled that “Al-Alamy” program will include in each episode the narration of a special story of an Egyptian professional who showed his brilliance and proved his success abroad, by talking about his journey and his career, to be a motivation for the presence of new professional models for professionalism abroad, and the program will also be interested in presenting the most important achievements of young professionals in Abroad, who represent the first supporter of national teams in all age groups, with the aim of serving Egyptian football.