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The “Kora Plus” website and TV presents the “Abtal Plus” program, which is the first digital program presented by a special needs broadcaster, a victor for advanced civil society and indivisible human rights, the swimming hero Mohamed El Husseiny, who presented an ideal model of will and success by crossing the English Channel in 2022.

The “Abtal Plus” program, which comes in line with the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to support and care for people of determination and integrate them into society, includes exclusive dialogues with many stars, who were able to raise the name of Egypt with immortal successes in various sports and games.

The program “Abtal Plus”, presented by the world-class swimmer Mohamed El Husseiny, also includes highlighting the Egyptian achievements and championships in various sports, which confirm Egypt’s sporting success, and the continuation of its leadership in general.

The champion, Mohamed El Husseiny, presenter of the “Abtal Plus” program, has more than one story that reflects his will, as he tried to cross the English Channel in 2017, but he faced difficulties after he crossed 17 kilometers in the cold open sea with violent waves, but he promised the Egyptians to return again and complete the crossing, which he achieved within a year. 2022, to prove his determination and determination as a model of will, challenge and hope.

The “Abtal Plus” program sheds light on many inspiring stories that reflect the successes of Egypt’s champions in various sports, with the introduction of swimmer Mohamed El Husseiny, who wrote his name in the history of Egypt in golden letters with his successes and will, which was and still is inspiring to everyone, whether people of determination or others.