Ship Suppliers

UMS Agency undertakes to carry out successfully vessel supplies in cabin, deck, engine stores and safety materials, as well as small repairs (turbo charger repairs, reconditioning of main and auxiliary engine spare parts, radio room repairs, automation, etc). we undertake to supply Provisions, Cabin and Bonded stores. We offer our relative services in every Egyptian ports and in most neighbor Suez Canal Area (Suez , Adabiya , Safaga , Ras Garib , etc) on a 24/7 basis, all around the year.
We use ISSA and IMPA catalogues extensively to identify the items your vessel requires.
UMS offers highest quality materials in the best prices available in the market. In doing so, we are importing directly technical stores from manufacturers all over the world. (Aprox. 65% of our supplying items are imported directly). Thus, we manage to keep our overheads low as and offer the best “value for money” solutions available.