Our Facilities

United Mediterranean Shipping ensure a safe, efficient and cost-effective port call for our Clients’ vessels , and we accomplish by providing superior quality agency services both through our highly-trained personnel and our documented attendance .
Our staff member have many years experience in the Shipping Agency/Marine Suppliers and are both highly motivated and professional in every aspect of the Maritime industry.
We have several members of our team that are multilingual speaking fluent English, Greek and Arabic which make for easy communications between Egypt and our European partners and customers.
We are also very experienced in Shipping Agency/Marine Suppliers for Suez Canal transit and have a good working relationship with SC authority and Egyption Ports.
• We have full experienced staff in Shipping Agency & Marine Suppliers.
• We prepare to offer good Performa D/A Suez Canal transit is very competitive.
• We offer the best reasonable prices for all Technical Marine Services.
• We offer free delivery, and without custom dues add to our invoice.
• We always offer the best Quality and Quantity.
• We offer credit of transit disbursement until vessel passing Suez Canal.
• We offer facilities for payment Marine Suppliers until 60/90 days.
• Kindly, any enquiry for your vessels we will be so happy to answer you looking for the long term of relationship with you and your good company.